Web Host Boot Camp was founded in early 2013. Mr. Douglas saw the need for affordable industry information that didn’t require the expenditure of thousands of dollars to attend conferences. Web Host Boot Camp was his solution for creating a better, more educated industry.
June of 2013 saw the first Web Host Boot Camp. It featured 3 days of networking, learning and growth. Determined to make Web Host Boot Camp better, Mr. Douglas added a social network and chat rooms to allow attendees to network more easily.
Web Host Boot Camp 2013 Winter saw the inauguration of the new and improved system. With well over a thousand attendees, Web Host Boot Camp was a success; however, Mr. Douglas still felt the event could be better. Mr. Douglas pulled together a group of industry experts along with feedback from participants, made several more changes, and released the new and improved Web Host Boot Camp in July of 2014.
Mr. Charles Douglas the CEO & founder of Web Host Boot Camp is a web host industry expert with over ten years of web hosting, sales and business operation experience. Mr. Douglas ran a web hosting business and now works as a sales consultant for regional and national datacenters. Mr. Douglas holds a business administration degree from Baxter College.