From first click to conversion – Usability and Website Efficiency


This webinar will provide a comprehensive guide to making your website more user friendly and ultimately more profitable. Learn how to provide your users with only what is necessary and convenient for them while removing unnecessary clutter and distractions from your site. These proven methods will further monetize your site, grow your business and provide service that will keep your customers coming back. Gain bigger returns on your marketing spend and ensure that your resources are put to the most efficient use possible.


October 5, 2015 @ 2:00 PM EST

Soren Hansy, eLeads Inc.


Soren Hansy is an online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and founder and president of eBridge Marketing Solutions – an online marketing agency and consulting firm catering to technology companies.
An expert in the principles of marketing, strategy and business development, Soren began his entrepreneurial career in the building materials industry as a successful franchise owner and operator. He followed this up with a stint in the pulp and paper industry before landing positions with two different internet marketing startups in the online advertising sector. He then took his online success and moved on to become VP of Sales and Marketing for a national training and development company.
Considered a pioneer in the online world, Soren has been working in the sales and marketing of web based technology companies since 1999. He is well recognized and regarded in the hosting industry and to date has worked with over 150 web hosting companies providing business growth, marketing strategy and industry direction advice and recommendations.
With 15 years of business development experience, plus over 10 years experience in working specifically with technology companies, Soren is a sought after speaker and online authority who is often interviewed and quoted in various industry related case studies and articles.
Corporate philanthropy is also top of mind for Soren who believes it’s important to give back to his community. Soren is a past board member of Young Entrepreneurs Association and is an active mentor for Junior Achievement helping our youth become the business leaders of tomorrow.
A graduate of UBC, Soren holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master degree in Business Administration with a focus on Business Strategy.