How to redesign your website and not loose SEO credibility


Minimize or ideally eliminate traffic loss. This webinar will take you through the best practices of what to consider when planning a website redesign, the most common mistakes made when and how to maintain your SEO credibility amongst search engines during this transition process. Learn what elements of a redesign you need to understand in order to maintain your ranks during and after the redesign launch process.


October 12, 2015 @ 2:00 PM EST


Franky McKlein


Franky has been helping businesses with their online marketing strategies that drive traffic to their web sites through legitimate search engine optimization (SEO), link building and promotion, usability, and pay-per-click search engine marketing tactics.
He holds a bachelors degree in Marketing and Design. His experience in the fundamentals of online marketing and usability design allow him to provide proven strategies that bring results.
Franky has been involved with pay per click marketing since its introduction to the online marketing industry. He has helped hundreds of marketing professionals and their websites implement effective pay per click campaigns using competitive analysis, keyword research, budget analysis and utilizing strategy and marketing tactics.
Franky’s involvement in web development dates back to the late 90′s and has allowed him to evolve with the search engine algorithms and major search engine updates. He continues to follow the Search Engine Optimization industry closely.