Top 4 free WordPress plugins for bloggers

Here are 4 free and great plugins for WP if you are a blogger

There are thousands of plugins which are readily available for bloggers. By using high quality plugins, it is possible to make the most of your time, effort and money. The productivity is very much enhanced by having access to high quality free wordpress plugins. As a matter of fact, WordPress offers wide range of plugins through which the functionality of a website can be very much enhanced. As WordPress is blessed by strong developer community, you will certainly be able to improve the performance of your site.

Google Analytics

By using Google Analytics it is possible to track the performance of you website. Lot of useful data can be tracked by using the plug-in. The tracking method adopted by Google Analytics is asynchronous. The site speed will be tracked and outgoing links will be logged optionally. You can track additional data on page views by accessing custom variables. The data which can be tracked in this context include author, categories, tags, context, date, logged in and anything.
It has a config page under the settings tab in the admin area. The tracking code can be pasted from Google in the text area. Site searches can be done very efficiently and the plug-in has backward compatibility as well. The built-in tags are presented with the plug-in. You can also add your own tags without any issues. You can also paste Google analytics code directly in template files. Thus, various kinds of activities can be performed in the best possible way by using Google Analytics plug-in.

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WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO)

If you would like to witness great change in editing, publishing and sharing content on a very efficient manner, WordPress Social Sharing Optimization plug-in can be installed. It is a very quick, light-weight and full-featured plug-in through which you will be able to make the most of your investment. There will be total control over the information needed by social website crawlers. There will be improvement in Google search rankings and social engagement as well. You can expect better click-through rates as well on various social websites including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked and many other social websites. In this context, there is no requirement of sharing buttons. The plug-in is available in multi-languages including English, French and many other languages.
Some of the features presented by the plug-in include Twitter card Meta tags, configurable image sizes for open graph, customizable image dimensions for each Twitter card type, optional fallback for a default image and video for index and search web pages. Configurable title and description lengths for different contexts (Open Graph, Twitter Card, SEO), hashtags from Post and Page WordPress tags, the author’s name for Pinterest Rich Pins, Google / SEO description meta tag, Configurable website / business social accounts for JSON-LD mark-up.

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WP Review

It is a very simple and useful content review plug-in. The speed of your site will not be affected by deploying the plug-in. As a blogger, you are required to review products and services occasionally. The plug-in can be customized as per your requirements. The review can be completed by using stars or percentages or point rating system. There will be support for translation as well.
It supports Google rich snippets. You can change individual review colours and positions. The tabbed widget is included to show recent reviews and popular reviews. The plug-in is multisite and multiuser compatible. It can be designed as per your needs. Reviews will be designed in a friendly manner. It can be made modern very easily even though it comes with minimal design. In order to better fit your theme style, it comes with easy to modify CSS feature. There will be great support from wordpress forums as well.

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All in One SEO pack

The blog can be optimized for search engines very easily by installing and fine tuning the ‘All in One SEO pack’ plug-in. There will be premium support to various features which include XML Sitemap support, Google Analytics support, advanced canonical URLs, fine-tuning page navigation skills and support for CMS-style WordPress Installations. Titles will be optimized very easily for Google and other search engines. Meta tags will be generated automatically. Advanced users can further fine-tune the plug-in so that more features can be enjoyed.

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