Ways to earn money with a blog

What are the ways to make money from a blog?

There are different ways to make money through online. Blogging is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to make money through online. If you are newbie, you should be aware of the SEO and the niche that you are catering to. Instead of presenting information on wide range of topics, you should present information on a specific niche (Find niche inspiration) where there is scarcity of information. Any topic which is not present in online world and where there is great potential for absorption should be selected. In this context, the selection of niche is very crucial. The domain name registration, selection of keywords and optimization of the content and promotion of the blog as measures through which you can increase traffic and money can be generated in various way.

Catering to a specific niche

If you are catering to a specific niche, you should be able to present information on the blog in a consistent pace. You should cater to a specific niche where you have great skills. The content that you produce should be unique. It should be fresh and updated to the earliest date or time as per the case. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs and you should be prepared to venture into a high quality blog so that it can be easily differentiated from others. When you have access to the best niche, your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner.

Consistency in every aspect

As you start a new blog, the content should be posted at regular intervals. If you post one or two articles on daily basis and fail to add new posts for two weeks, you will disappoint your readers and there will not be any satisfaction. Hence, you should want to plan the frequency of new blog posts and they should be released at specific intervals without fail.

Professional image

To present professional image, the layout of the website should be seamless. It should be as per the theme selected by you. If you are writing content on automobiles and racing, the colours should be very bright. Flash animations can also be used to attract customers. If you cannot add new designs, you should hire a professional so that various kinds of images can be added very successfully. The logo should be designed very carefully. It should be relevant to your niche. If it can be easily remembered, you will be able to make the most of your time.


The search engine optimization is very crucial so that you can attract new customers. Right kind of keywords should be selected and they should be sprinkled in content on various web pages. Keywords should be used in title and image tags as well. There should be links within the page and from one page to another page on the website. You should also link your blog posts with other posts that are posted on high quality websites. When your site is linked with high ranking web pages, the rank of your site will improve. When your blog is listed on top of the search list, the traffic on your site will improve.

Internet marketing

You can post various kinds of ads on your website so that money can be generated in a very efficient manner. Ads that are relevant to your content can be posted so that quick sales can be achieved. You will get commission on each and every sale that happens through your efforts. As an affiliate marketer, you will be able to promote various kinds of products on your site. You

Moulding as per the needs of visitors

The content should be relevant and it should be moulded as per the latest needs of viewers. Thus, you will be able to make the most of your time and effort.

Guest blogging

When you are able to present high quality information on your blog, you will be invited to write posts on other blogs as well. This will help you to connect with other bloggers as well. You will be able to attract new visitors. You can include social buttons on the website so that visitors will be able to follow you. If you have a WordPress blog, we can recommend SFMSBW, it’ll work with all major social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.)

Writing opportunities

You will get high-paid writing opportunities in various ways. If you are presenting content on a regular basis, your contributions in terms of writing will be paid.